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Al-Khayat Clinic is one of the best clinics providing multidisciplinary health care services in Kuwait, within a very special, professional, and professional atmosphere. Our distinguished philosophy in the field of health care is based on relying on technologically advanced medical solutions through the latest equipment and procedures after testing it and ensuring its efficiency

The clinic includes the best doctors specializing in Khayat Clinic for the treatment of the brain and nerves, which is Dr. Hisham Al Khayat, Consultant of Brain, Spine, and Neurosurgery who holds the American and Canadian Board at the University of Miami / Dallas

It also includes Al-Khayat Clinic for General Surgery and Obesity, which is Dr. Haitham Al-Khayat, Consultant General Surgery, Endoscopy, and Obesity - American and Canadian Board.


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Al-Khayat Clinic For the Brain and Spine Clinic provides full care for diseases of stroke Stroke, epilepsy, muscular and morbidity and diseases that affect the nervous system, headache Migraine, Parkinson’s disease and paralysis of the face migraine through a team of skilled neurologists. Progress Alternator striated muscles and brain electrical drawing services
Al-Khayat Clinic General Surgery Dr. Haitham Al-Khayat is a doctor who holds the American and Canadian board of general surgery with a specialization in critical care. Dr. Haitham has a special interest in obesity operations as an effective and long-term treatment for obesity. During the past 15 years, Haitham performed thousands of operations from a ring, gagging, miniature transformation, path transformation, twelve transformation, and providing exceptional care to achieve the best results and fastest recovery to return to a normal life, as well as assisting many patients in the event of need for another process to treat weight gain, relapse of obesity or reflux treatment Or complications from previous operations, "We care about the patient and help him to choose the best solution to the problem of obesity and against the principle of muzzling only" in addition to obesity operations
Al-Khayat Clinic For Cosmetic and dermatology clinic